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In the Lean for Healthcare series, team members will now learn the tools necessary to identify and remove waste from a process, sustain the gains made, and improve the operation and safety of their department. Using our Blended Learning Design, healthcare professionals utilize visually eye-catching online modules to gain a deeper understanding of Lean methodologies. Classroom or Virtual Classroom sessions allow Instructors to build upon this knowledge and focus the learning for immediate action.

Who will benefit?

Hospitals and clinics who are looking to train team members to become a valuable part of their Process Improvement initiatives will be delighted with TQG’s Lean Essentials for Healthcare Learning Design. Every organization is different. As true innovators of Blended Learning, we know that every healthcare organization is different and we understand the need to localize learning to your specific environment.

Individuals in the healthcare industry who are interested in the concepts of continuous improvement, reducing waste, and improving customer satisfaction will increase their value within their organization, while at the same time, developing skill sets that are employed across all industries.

What is included?

Totals: e-Learning = ~6 hrs

*This course can be employed as stand alone e-Learning or teamed with our recommended Blended Learning classroom approach.

  • Introduction to Lean for Healthcare
  • Eight Wastes for Healthcare
  • 5S Plus Safety for Healthcare
  • Current State Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare
  • Future State Value Stream Mapping for Healthcare
  • Standard Work for Healthcare
  • Visual Management for Healthcare
  • Error Proofing for Healthcare
  • Kaizen Event for Healthcare
  • Workplace Design for Healthcare
  • Flow and Pull Systems for Healthcare
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-- Lean for Education

-- Lean for Healthcare

-- Virtual Lean Six Sigma GB & BB

-- Quality Tools Online - In book format


The Quality Group is proud to announce our New LSS blended curriculum, Lean for Education. Improve your processes and stand above the competition.

Our Virtual Lean Six Sigma GB and BB classes are helping our APN members answer the call to provide certification training for their students.


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