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Partnering with TQG

TQG is proud to partner with community and technical colleges and universities to meet the training needs of individuals, businesses, and other local, state, and regional employers. This truly synergistic partnership has allowed APN members to have a large impact on corporate and workforce development initiatives. Our APN is an excellent vehicle for all higher education institutions that want to:


•  Expand curricula to include Lean Six Sigma and Project Management blended learning.

•  Expand their Academic programs, Continuing Education, Corporate Training and Contract Training.

•  Add personal development courses via the WinAtWork® series of products.

•  Add new revenues and profit sources.

•  Partner with “The Performance Improvement Learning Company” for safety, value, ease, speed, flexibility, and growth over time.

Benefits of becoming a TQG Academic Partner

•  Increase your economic value to the community.

•  Generate additional revenue and tap into new growth


•  Use TQG’s turn-key, blended learning programs in

    your own organizations.

PEX Process Excellence Institute

Benefits to Organizations and Communities

•  Local access to internationally recognized blended e-Learning solutions.

•  Citizens equipped with skills useful in both their professional and personal lives.

•  A local resource to support economic development.

Center of Excellence:  Lean for Education

Need help applying Lean for Education to your institution?

Do you desire to create a culture of excellence and continuous improvement, but don’t know where to begin? Welcome to the Center of Excellence (COE)—a partnership model with Gateway Technical College and The Quality Group (TQG).

Work gets done in all organizations through processes. Processes inherently have waste. Through the systematic application of Lean Six Sigma, process waste is eliminated. Lean Six Sigma has generally been applied in the manufacturing sector to achieve production and cost efficiencies. When Lean Six Sigma is successfully applied to the processes in education, the results are improved student experiences, reduced operating costs, more satisfied employees, and better operating performance.


The COE serves as the national and regional training hub for educational partners seeking to use the Lean for Education training platform to help build a culture of excellence and continuous improvement.


Download our PDF Flyer for more information.


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-- Lean for Education

-- Lean for Healthcare

-- Virtual Lean Six Sigma GB & BB

-- Quality Tools Online - In book format


The Quality Group is proud to announce our New LSS blended curriculum, Lean for Education. Improve your processes and stand above the competition.

Our Virtual Lean Six Sigma GB and BB classes are helping our APN members answer the call to provide certification training for their students.


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